We are calling all companies and individuals who want to be part of building this exciting project to register their interest, and we will keep you updated once the contracts and job opportunities are finalised.

The construction of the Wind and Solar Farm will be a significant investment and take up to 2 years to fully complete. At its peak the workforce that will be constructing this will be 150 people. There are a large amount of gravel roads to be built, power cables to be laid, power lines to be erected, wind turbine foundation holes to be dug and concrete to be poured, solar arrays to be constructed and turbines to be built.

 As well as direct employees there will be a large number of services that need to be contracted, such as: plant hire, geotechnical drillers, transportation, excavators, crane and lifting specialists, engineers, surveyors, fitters, electrical contractors, hotels and catering.

As of mid 2017, we have already engaged over a dozen different companies to provide services during the feasibility stage and we will use significantly more once we move into construction.


If you would like to offer your company's services  or be kept up-to-date about contract or job opportunities, fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you.

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