The construction of the Wind and Solar Farm will be a significant investment and take up to 2 years to fully complete.  At its peak the workforce that will be involved in construction is expected to be 150 people.

 The majority of the construction jobs will be filled from people within 30-60 minutes drive of Kondinin Area Region. There will also be some wind and solar farm specialist roles that would need to come from elsewhere in WA, and in this case these workers would use hotels and accommodation in the nearby area.

Once the Wind and Solar Farm is operational, there will be around 8 permanent staff and these staff will live in the wider area and commute daily from their homes. It is not intended to house remote workers at the wind farm.

The Wind and Solar farm is predicted to generate on average around 500 GWh of electricity every year. This renewable energy avoids the production of around 360,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. The wind and solar resource measurements we have taken indicate that the wind is mainly from the South East and is strongest overnight, while the solar power output will be during the day.  The combination of wind and solar power is therefore very complimentary.